MyRetirementPlan was created by former engineer and financial advisor, Bob Sloma. Based on a remarkable mix of engineering and IT automation, MyRetirementPlan was born. In answering six easy questions, MyRetirementPlan creates a customized investment plan to suit your financial needs. With 20 metrics working behind the scenes, searching through five asset classes, it becomes exceedingly simple to locate your best investment solutions. It is through this process of that your money can be allocated according to your appetite for risk and thirst for reward.
Unlike many ways of investing, MyRetirementPlan eliminates the possibility of human error when rebalancing your investments. Our innovative engine provides optimal retirement investment strategies with quarterly updates, thus ensuring the most current information is always at your fingertips. The process maximizes the investment return based on your personal risk tolerance and the amount of time before retirement. 
In becoming a member of MyRetirementPlan, you receive personalized access to our cutting-edge investment engine. This puts you behind the wheel of your retirement plan, with a little (or a lot) of guidance from us.  Sign up today and take your first step toward a more secure future.
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